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Nihon Rave EP



Ragga Terror Front と言う気鋭のレイヴ集団を率い、日本の歴史に理解を持つ Wan Bushi。


この一切のスキがない、孤高の Samurai Rave は部屋で、クラブで、爆音でプレイしてこそ真価を発揮する!!

Wan Bushi Biography :
After playing in many bands as a teenager, drumming his way through reggae to metal & punk and taking boring music lessons at music school, Wan Bushi discovered electronic breakbeat music at the age of 18. With nearly no experience at all, he started producing his own tracks, mostly drum'n'bass music.

At the very same moment he also came in touch with the breakcore scene. The musical freedom inherent to this genre was much more appealing than anything else he had done so far. In less than a year he replaced the drum'n'bass breaks with fast & furious drums and started working on his own personal sound using the influences and inspirations he gathered during his musical youth.

Around the end of 2009 he took part in the creation of Ragga Terror Front, a belgian collective composed of Belgian artists like Mr Bad Monkey and Audiotist, but also international artists like Strog, Junglefever and Stazma. It was created with the ambition of promoting diversified underground music like jungle, raggacore, breakcore, hardcore, and more.

It's not easy to describe how his music sounds today in just one word. It's about making jungle influenced breakcore with a hardcore feel, and spicing it up with eurodance & rave mashups, sometimes also adding elements from classical & traditional music. It can be dark, evil, funny, serious or stupid, but either way it will always be hard & crowd pleasing madness.

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